10 Honest Reasons You’re Scared of Breaking Up

Whether you’re contemplating cutting ties or you’re losing sleep thinking he’ll do it, there’s a few aspects of your relationship you’re not ready to admit you can’t walk away from. No matter how toxic you are for each other, honestly, you’re putting off the break up because…

10. You’re too comfortable to start completely from scratch. After all these months of dumping every secret out, sleeping on his chest, and cooking with his mom, it’s terrifying to consider throwing that all away to start all over with a stranger.

9. You don’t want everyone questioning you. Once the Facebook relationship status changes, you’re phone is going to blow up with the same two texts; “Omg what happened?!” and “Are you okay?” Neither of which, you care to talk about 5 minutes after it happens.

8. What if he blasts those pictures? He’s a good guy…and he knows those lingerie pictures were only for him… but what if the break up brings out his spiteful side?

7. You don’t want to be alone. Admittedly you’ve pushed your BFF down to second string, and those 2am drunk calls or those 4am depressed calls have been fielded by your boyfriend for a while now. Even if you’re fighting and he’s calling you every name in the book, you’d rather listen than not talk at all.

6. You’ll seem less than perfect. All those #relationshipgoals pictures suddenly mean nothing. You’ll have no boyfriend for your friends to be jealous of and everyone will watch as you fall out of your fairytale5


Kara Curtin

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