10 Of My Favorite Things About My Little

Favorite Things About My Little Though you will have different meaningful relationships with your big, your pledge class, and sorority sisters, there is nothing like picking up your own little.

Everyone has their own reasons for joining a sorority. Personally, I joined because in high school I had a lot of close friends and I was looking for that same feeling in college. And as everyone in a sorority can tell you, that is exactly what you get. However, you are going to have a different relationship with every one of your sisters. There will be your pledge sisters and your mentors but some of the closest people to you are those in your family line. You and your big will always have a special relationship. She has been there for you since the beginning and has seen you grow within the chapter. However, receiving a little is a whole new situation. This past semester, after all the stress, crafting and glitter, I was blessed enough to receive the most perfect little. She has changed my life in so many ways but here are ten of my favorite things about my amazing little.

10. She is a tiny version of me.
She and I are very different people but we are the same in every way that matters. Our emotions, sense of humor and values all align. She is the person I was when I was her age so I understand how to help in many ways. She always knows what I mean even though I don’t always express it.  Most importantly, however, she and I understand each other because there is that similarity and bond that lies between us.

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9. She compliments my personality.
Like I said, we are very similar in many ways and that is wonderful. However, it is just as important to have our differences work well with each other. I find myself staying in while she loves to go out. When I worry about the small things, she is there to tell me to calm down and when she is feeling sad, I am there to cheer her up. We work as a balance for each other.



Madison Norwich

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