10 Drinking Lessons You Learn The Hard Way

You haven’t lived if you haven’t spent the night dry heaving over a toilet bowl as vomit hardens in your hair. College… and for some of us, high school… exists to make mistakes and then make them 1473345234 more times until we actually learn from them. Here’s 10 things every party girl can relate and shake their head in embarrassment to.

10. Drunken hook-ups are embarrassing. Remember that every boy is cuter after 8 shots of Fireball, and that thing you’re doing with your tongue isn’t working and the entire frat party can tell.

9. Blacking out can be scary. Whose bed am I lying in and what day is it?


8. Keep track of your shit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to pay for a water bottle on Monday only to realize I lost my debit card at the bar on Saturday.


7. Watch your reputation. Don’t be known as the girl who vomits after 2 shots or takes her shirt off after 5. #Standards


6. Liquor before beer. If you want to keep down that pizza you ate for dinner and survive past 11pm…


Kara Curtin

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