25 Signs You Have A Pizza Addiction


PIZZA!!! One of the staples of the college student diet. Maybe its because Dominoes is the only place open at 4am, maybe its because its heaven in a box, maybe you are just addicted. No matter what we all know pizza as the go to drunk food, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 25) If Dominoes did loyalty cards, you would be a gold member. 24) Your trash


Awkward Moments We’ve ALL Experienced


If there’s one thing we all have in common it is that we’ve all been through awkward moments. They are unavoidable and inevitable. Here are just some awkward moments that we have all for SURE experienced: 17. Calling out your friend’s name multiple times, only to find out it’s not them.   16. When your friend’s parent is yelling at them and you’re right there to experience it all.  


The 18 Best Things About Having Guy Friends

guy friend

The coveted, platonic relationship between a guy and a girl BFF is something most only see as legend. Two people with potential sexual energy CANNOT POSSIBLY get along without wanting to jump each other. Am I right?   The answer is no. Having a close guy friend has more benefits than any potential uncomfortableness that may be brought on by two close friends hanging out alone. Not to mention that most


17 Unforgettable Hannah Montana Moments


If you didn’t love Hannah Montana, you’re lying to yourself. Here are 17 moments you’ll always remember.   17. When Selena Gomez guest starred as Hannah’s rival popstar. 16.  Everything about Jake Ryan as a character. “I slayed you once…” 15. When the JoBros made an appearance. 14. When Rico tricked Miley into a little lip action.


Struggles Of An Asian-American College Student


It’s not easy being an Asian-American college student. Trust me, I know from experience. I guess I shouldn’t say it’s too bad being Asian-American on campus, but I have come across some struggles of being one that’s for sure:   17. Being asked by your friends: “How do you say *insert random word* in your culture?”     16. Your college friends coming to you for math problems.   15.


What NOT To Do in College


Struggling to figure out a way in surviving college? Well, look no more! I have done some major people-watching (weird, I know) on my campus and here are just a few things I’ve noticed that people should just not do in college:   17. Sitting in the way back. Seriously, what are you going to learn from sitting in the way back? You’re going to get distracted by so many


The 18 Stages of Having An Annoying Uber Driver

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 6.43.03 PM

Some Uber drivers are the coolest, chillest people you will ever meet, but some Uber drivers are clearly the mayor of Creepsville. Some Uber drivers leave you wishing you had just stayed home and stared at the wall rather than get yourself into a situation where you needed to call some stranger to come drive you home. These are the 18 stages of having an annoying Uber driver:    


What You Shouldn’t Say To A Sorority Girl


Being a sorority girl has its perks, but then it does have a few downsides. I’m talking about the ridiculous, untrue things people ask or say to us. Not sure what I mean? Check this out:   17. “You must only care about looks during formal recruitment.” Appearance matters but it doesn’t play a major factor into deciding who we want.   16. “I heard you guys hate the other


17 Thoughts Of A Graduating Senior


Senior year is winding down, and every graduate is worried about what might come next.  Whether its going home for a while, grad school, or the job of their dreams the last month should be one to remember. 17. How many more “Thirsty” Thursdays can I have fun with friends. 16. Is class necessary? 15. My friends will no longer be a 5 minute or less walk away. 14. I will


17 Wishes For My Little


Little, You mean the world to me, and I hope you know that. I want nothing less than the world for you, and I know that you’re strong enough, smart enough, and driven enough to take it. 17. I wish that your heart never hurts. However, I know that it will. I will be by your side when it does, though, and you will survive it. 16. I wish that


The 17 Stages Of Getting Your Body “Summer Ready”


Every girl in the world has gone through the last minute panic when she realizes that summer is a month or two away, and she’s no closer to looking like a Victoria Secret model than she was last year. How are you ever going to wrack up the Instagram likes if your body is more “Fat Amy” than it is “Kendall Jenner”? Here are the 17 stages every girl goes


20 Things To Remember Before You Send An E-mail


So many of us are bombarded by warnings about using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and even Tinder. People go as far as to make rules about what you can and can’t post for your chapter. But no one ever warns you about what you send via e-mail. But this is perhaps one of the most dangerous forms of communication. My chapter could have been disqualified from Greek