5 Facts Fraternity Guys Must Know About Sorority Girls


Written By: Valerie Garate   1.      It’s called being social When dating a sorority girl, you must know that just because she is dating you, doesn’t mean she can’t talk to other fraternity men. Being social is a part of the Greek life experience.     2.      Nobody likes a blabber mouth. It’s cute when you brag to your brothers about us, but don’t tell them EVERY detail


4 Big/Little Reveal Ideas You Will Love

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Are you trying to think of creative ideas for your Big/ Little Reveal? This is a fun event for both the new members and the initiated members. Don’t hesitate to ask your sisters for ideas. We are sure that they would love to help you come up with something great.   Below are a few ideas that we came across or have seen to help get your creative juices flowing.


Why Your Sorority Big/Little Is The Only Valentine You Need


Written By: Michelle Giuseffi Last year I lived with a big/little pair that got each other Valentine’s Day gifts. Now, my little and I have both had boyfriends since we met, but I can think of tons of reasons why she (or my big) would make the perfect valentine! 1. She knows what you’re thinking before you say it. This happened to my little and me last night actually… 2. You


Sorority Girl Life From The Sister Perspective


I would like to be the kind of person that an acquaintance would assume is so intrinsically cool that, even as a youth, they’d imagine I was probably reading a lot of Palahniuk and really into arcane Hebrew psych rock. And that I spent my free time dyeing my hair teal, quoting Seinfeld, and studying Japanese—a precursor to Tavi’s Rookie girl, I guess. You see, anyone can be into weird shit


SOTD: Alex Patrick From University of Kentucky Alpha Phi


Introducing Alex Patrick from the University of Kentucky Alpha Phi! Alex is known for her great work in the community as a proud member of the Alpha Phi chapter! Alex has earned rewards for her incredible academics and her extraordinary work with her chapter. Alex is a big contributor in many ways to not just Alpha Phi, but sorority life as a whole at her university.  Check out the pictures


Hidden Lessons Learned From Sorority Recruitment


Written By: Vivian Huang Just to preface this little  ”blog post”, I am a staff writer at HerCampus SDSU so some of my many posts may be exact replicas of my articles. So you’ve decided to go Greek, or at the very least, give it a shot – good for you! As a member of a Panhellenic (that means sororities for you non-Greeks) organization, I cannot stress enough how everyone should


Sorority Girl Has Unreal Athletic Skills That Put Every Girl To Shame


Michelle Roque of Florida State’s Delta Gamma chapter has an amazing run in the finals of the annual Beta Theta Pi flag football tournament Sure, she may not have the arm strength of the current Noles quarterback, but she’s got the moves like Jameis.  But for now, this FSU Sorority Girl and her talents are being wastefully limited to the school’s sorority flag football league, where she’s pulling off ridiculous


Sorority Girl Describes Recruitment Experience That’ll Surprise You


Written By: Jessica Marie Clinch I have to preface this post by saying that it’s not what I was envisioning writing about on my blog today. But, after seeing a Cosmo article circling around social media that is titled, “Confession: Why Getting Hazed by My Sorority Was Weirdly Worth It,” I knew I had to say something. As some of you know, I am a proud alumna of Sigma Kappa from


This Sorority Video Is So Accurate That You’ll Be Laughing For Days

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Sh*t sorority girls say never gets old. Since its debut on Youtube in 2012, this amazing video that is so true to sorority life has now reached OVER 4 MILLION views!! Can you believe it? Either way, to get a good laugh, let’s all watch the video just one more time! If you have not seen this video before, well you’re in luck! Enjoy the hilarious video below. Trust me


The Top Sororities That Show The Most Respect


Sorority Life in general is something that is beautiful. A group of members come together as a community, nothing can beat love. One day we all wish the world could be the same as sorority life. The word “I” does not exist in a sorority community. The word “Life” should not include the letter “I.” Sorority Lyfe is a community that wants to help others and make the world a


Sorority Sister Caught Cheating On Her Exams

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Is cheating on exams against sorority rules? Do sorority girls cheat on college exams? Well, many sorority girls are honest, helpful, and caring, but not all sisters are this way. A sorority girl at a local university was caught cheating on her exams. On campus, she goes by the name of “Bobo.” With a 3.82 GPA and a college scholarship, you would expect that she would have everything going for her.