Oh, snap! These sorority products make sisters snap their approval

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Chants, matching apparel, turtles, pandas and owls can only mean one thing on a college campus – sorority recruitment.  


During the month of rush, sorority sisters panic to make sure their setup is perfect for potential new members. Whether chapters are playing host to guests during formals, philanthropy events or recruitment, a hospitable environment is key.


We’ve listed some of the best ideas and products to have on hand to make sure recruitment and all other sorority events are equipped with today’s trendiest decor.


Photo booth or a selfie stick

Any wedding guest understands just how popular photo booths have become. With fun props such as mustaches, funky glasses and wigs, it’s guaranteed sisters will have a ball in the booth at their next big event.


If the budget does not allow for an entire photo booth, go the cost-conscious route with a few selfie sticks. You might have been skeptical about using them before, but once you crowd a bunch of sisters in the photo, you won’t want to stop striking poses.


Treats branded with sorority letters

It may not be a new idea, but it sure is timeless!


Who doesn’t love freshly-baked cookies, brownies and cupcakes with your sorority letters? Next time you consider buying your everyday cupcake for an event, offer a cupcake bar filled with various sprinkles, icings and letters. This way, the treats will not only taste and look delicious, but sisters will have a ball imitating Betty Crocker as they’re creating their own masterpiece.


Sorority paper straws from Aardvark

With nearly every décor item in the sorority house branded with the chapter’s letters, there’s no better accessory than a sorority paper straw for girls to use in their sparkling beverages (and will have sisters snapping in unison for days).


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.39.06 AM

Aardvark is the only paper straw manufacturer that has a valued partnership with the National Panhellenic Council and has the ability to print straws branded with Greek letters, mascots and a wide variety of colors and designs. The original Aardvark paper straws are eco-friendly, FDA-approved and durable, made with 30 percent more material than all other paper straws on the market, meaning they won’t bleed ink or fall apart in your drink.


With Aardvark’s new patented Eco-Flex straws, sisters’ straws can bend at just the right angle whether you’re sunbathing between classes or sipping from your Bubba Keg over the weekend. The options for using Aardvark straws in Greek life are endless! Try them for your next:

  • Formal
  • Social
  • Chapter
  • Bid day/Homecoming goodie bags
  • Big/Little reveal


Available online at www.aardvarkstraws.com, a package of 144 Greek straws start at $29.99.

By incorporating photo booths, selfie sticks, unique desserts, Aardvark sorority straws and more into your upcoming Greek occasion, you can rest assured sisters and guests will be impressed. Most importantly, don’t forget to proudly represent your letters and your Greek life choice!

Jessica Rodriguez