How To Make Your Relationship Work – Essential Tips


How to Make Your Relationship Work – Essential Tips

Long-term relationships and family life are the concepts that people are most likely to pursue in their life. Well, of course, some people are satisfied with life on their own – and it is totally fine, no judging! But the vast majority of us do look for something serious. Nonetheless, finding a partner and going through the initial phase of a relationship (dating, for instance) is not enough. After the beginning comes the routine – living together, sharing sad and happy moments (and sharing living space, which is even harder) can drive anyone crazy. We asked our friends from BridesBay what they think about sustaining long-term relationship – and these gorgeous women had a lot to say.

Here is some advice to make your relationship work like an oiled mechanism:

1. Understand the meaning of respect. Love is what helps you start a relationship. This feeling makes your partnership important and necessary. But respect is what actually helps you build something strong and sustainable. It means that you should always pay attention to what your partner thinks, what kind of emotions expresses etc. You should understand that there are no longer “you” and “she” – there’s only “we”. We also believe that gender equality makes sense; therefore, you need to consider her opinion and never limit her activities. In the end, can you love someone you do not ever praise as an individuality?

2. Don’t concentrate on future only. You probably asked yourself, “Is this person really for me? Is she my soulmate?” Most psychologists and articles would recommend you imagining your future with this person – if you can do it and feel confident about your life together, you are indeed meant for each other. However, your relationship is not happening, it’s not potential – it’s happening right here and right now. You need to focus your attention on both current development and perspectives for you two.

3. Define common goals. Talking about future. To get the best from your partnership, you need to define the vectors of its development. Do you want to have children? How many? How soon? Would you like to start a family business? Do you want to move to the suburbia? These are only details whilst the entire vector looks much more exciting yet intimidating. Nonetheless, the development of your relationship will be much smoother if you always move in the same direction. Staying on the same is what makes families truly strong.

4. Deal with anger. Passionate debates and quarrels are common phenomena in any relationship. But when it becomes an integrant part of your couple life, you can start worrying. Dealing with anger is not that easy, mainly because it stems from feelings that are much harder to apprehend. The unbearable anger that covers every second of your struggling communication is an indication of serious troubles. It might be the fact that you don’t trust each other or miscommunication in the simplest spheres of life. Either way, you need to learn how to control irritation and try your best to find compromises.

5. Fix the fixable, accept the unchangeable

We have already mention compromises. Well, we might disappoint some of you, but any relationship is built on the grounds of resignation and acceptance. You should perpetually work on your relationship. Trying to understand what goes wrong and how it can be enhanced is significant at any moment of your couple life. Simultaneously, you should not be trying to change your partner’s character and adjust it the way you want. In the end, you chose exactly this individual because something about him/her amazed you. Why would you want to change it?

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