10 Things Guys Want But Won’t Always Ask For


Relationships are a two-way street. Yeah it’s great when your guy spoils you by bringing you flowers or sending a sweet good morning text, but guys want to be spoiled back. Okay maybe not necessarily spoiled, but it’s good to remind your man that he’s appreciated too sometimes. I’m not saying buy him a yeti or a new watch, but just like girls, guys like the little things. 10) Back Rubs After


The Hand Grenade Half Marathon


The Hand Grenade Half Marathon There are many reasons why people from all walks of life visit the city of New Orleans Louisiana. Food, jazz, daiquiris, Mardi Gras, and a variety of traditions make it the best party town in America. We set up an interview with dedicated Tulane track athlete, John Mouton, had a little Mardi-party fun, and were educated on a more recently established tradition that may make our


5 Ass-Kicking, Result-Promising Workout Programs


It’s almost beach season! I can never stress how every body is a bikini body, but I also want to encourage all you ladies to treat your bodies right! You can do so with these fun, ass-kicking, heart-racing workout programs. Of course, the way to get results with any of these programs is to stick to them and the eat healthily (it’s okay if you still have your favorite junk