5 Ways to Win Rush

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Social media can be your secret weapon to Rush success, but if not done right, you can really blow it. Rather than impose a ban on your sisters, here are 5 ways to win Rush and the whole year with the use of Postly. If you haven’t heard of Postly, you’re about to. It’s the best kept secret in social media. Private and exclusive, Postly is not for the masses–no


20 Things to Do With Friends Over the Summer


Summer is the time when most have jobs, or take classes or relax…yet hanging out with friends is probably my favorite things. Here are 20 things to do with friends that don’t cost a lot if anything over the summer! 20. Go swimming, have a little fun in the sun. 19. Go to the movies. 18. Barbeque!!! 17. Can never go wrong with going out to eat. 16. Go shopping….reward


17 Reasons I’m actually busy when I text saying I’m busy


Some days girls say they’re busy to not go out or because they don’t want to go out with certain people.  However most times when I respond to a text saying I’m Busy,  I’m actually “busy.” 17. I have previous plans. 16. At times family comes first. 15. Sometimes you just want time alone. 14.  Feelings get in the way.


17 Things A Woman Should Do Before She’s 30


Everyone says that age is just a number and as a matter of fact it is. Yet sometimes that can suck. With that being said, your 20s are a great time for you to adventure out and get ish done. Yes you have 10 years to do stuff but before you know it those 10 years are gone and you have little to no stories to tell you little siblings


21 Memes Only PETTY Girls Will Understand


“Petty” isn’t a character trait, it’s a way of life. Sure, you could always choose to be the bigger person and let trivial matters go. You could choose to live and let live, or choose to stay in your lane and mind your own business … But where would be the fun in that? Here are 21 memes that only the pettiest of girls (or guys) will understand:    


19 Stages of Missing your Pet while away at College


19. Why can’t you just come live in my dorm?? 18. I’ll just pack you in my suitcase and no one will ever know… 17. When the day comes you have to go back to campus 16. And you take one last look before shutting the door and your pet is looking at you like 15. When your roommates ask if you’re okay  


17 Things you Remember before Senior Sendoff: Sorority Edition


Senior Sendoff is the day all collegiate members of Greek Life dread!  It is the defining factor that hits realizing that sisters and friends in other organizations won’t be steps or an under 5 minute walk away. 17. We always think back to the day we crossed and got our first official set of letters. 16. You remember all the mixers and the crazy themes. 15. Friends were always around to hang


20 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs


Growing up I never had any pets, but that all changed for me in high school because of my brother. Along with his college roommates, he decided to adopt two kittens, Max and Abby. Long story short my mom and I basically adopted Abby, and I haven’t looked back ever since. So yes, I am a cat lady, but I have my reasons… 20. Cats Don’t Bark They meow, which is


25 Signs You Have A Pizza Addiction


PIZZA!!! One of the staples of the college student diet. Maybe its because Dominoes is the only place open at 4am, maybe its because its heaven in a box, maybe you are just addicted. No matter what we all know pizza as the go to drunk food, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 25) If Dominoes did loyalty cards, you would be a gold member. 24) Your trash


Awkward Moments We’ve ALL Experienced


If there’s one thing we all have in common it is that we’ve all been through awkward moments. They are unavoidable and inevitable. Here are just some awkward moments that we have all for SURE experienced: 17. Calling out your friend’s name multiple times, only to find out it’s not them.   16. When your friend’s parent is yelling at them and you’re right there to experience it all.  


The 18 Best Things About Having Guy Friends

guy friend

The coveted, platonic relationship between a guy and a girl BFF is something most only see as legend. Two people with potential sexual energy CANNOT POSSIBLY get along without wanting to jump each other. Am I right?   The answer is no. Having a close guy friend has more benefits than any potential uncomfortableness that may be brought on by two close friends hanging out alone. Not to mention that most


17 Unforgettable Hannah Montana Moments


If you didn’t love Hannah Montana, you’re lying to yourself. Here are 17 moments you’ll always remember.   17. When Selena Gomez guest starred as Hannah’s rival popstar. 16.  Everything about Jake Ryan as a character. “I slayed you once…” 15. When the JoBros made an appearance. 14. When Rico tricked Miley into a little lip action.