10 Mouth Watering Smoothies

watermelon smoothie

10 Mouth Watering Smoothies   Strawberry Watermelon Chia Smoothie This yummy 6 ingredient smoothie is fresh and the perfect summer treat that combines sweet watermelon with the unexpected tart kick of lime. Go Check Out the Recipe: http://minimalistbaker.com/strawberry-chia-watermelon-smoothie/   Strawberry Orange Banana Smoothie This simple smoothie will give you that fresh morning kick you need. Go Check Out the Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/strawberry-orange-banana-smoothie/detail.aspx Kale-Apple Smoothie Want to add yummy greens to your smoothies, but


7 Detox Water Recipes For Spring


Bikini season is coming in hot and it’s time we make sure we are too. The health fad that never goes out of style is flavored/infused water. We have all heard it a thousand times: “drink plenty of water”, but we all know h2o gets more boring than a Friday afternoon History lecture. So to combat the water blahs, here are a couple yummy recipes to spice up your water


6 Healthy, Easy To Make Snacks For Netflix Addicts


I seriously believe if Netflix didn’t exist I would still be the size I was in High School (yay for the Freshman 15!). It’s just so easy to lay in bed, eat cookies and not move away from the TV so we don’t miss an episode. So in honor of me watching Friends start to end for the third time this year, here’s 10 quick and easy BUT healthy snacks


The Hand Grenade Half Marathon


The Hand Grenade Half Marathon There are many reasons why people from all walks of life visit the city of New Orleans Louisiana. Food, jazz, daiquiris, Mardi Gras, and a variety of traditions make it the best party town in America. We set up an interview with dedicated Tulane track athlete, John Mouton, had a little Mardi-party fun, and were educated on a more recently established tradition that may make our