20 Things to Do With Friends Over the Summer


Summer is the time when most have jobs, or take classes or relax…yet hanging out with friends is probably my favorite things. Here are 20 things to do with friends that don’t cost a lot if anything over the summer! 20. Go swimming, have a little fun in the sun. 19. Go to the movies. 18. Barbeque!!! 17. Can never go wrong with going out to eat. 16. Go shopping….reward


17 Reasons I’m actually busy when I text saying I’m busy


Some days girls say they’re busy to not go out or because they don’t want to go out with certain people.  However most times when I respond to a text saying I’m Busy,  I’m actually “busy.” 17. I have previous plans. 16. At times family comes first. 15. Sometimes you just want time alone. 14.  Feelings get in the way.


17 Things you Remember before Senior Sendoff: Sorority Edition


Senior Sendoff is the day all collegiate members of Greek Life dread!  It is the defining factor that hits realizing that sisters and friends in other organizations won’t be steps or an under 5 minute walk away. 17. We always think back to the day we crossed and got our first official set of letters. 16. You remember all the mixers and the crazy themes. 15. Friends were always around to hang


17 Thoughts Of A Graduating Senior


Senior year is winding down, and every graduate is worried about what might come next.  Whether its going home for a while, grad school, or the job of their dreams the last month should be one to remember. 17. How many more “Thirsty” Thursdays can I have fun with friends. 16. Is class necessary? 15. My friends will no longer be a 5 minute or less walk away. 14. I will


17 Reasons Why I Have More Guy Friends Than Girls


At times girls get criticized for hanging out with guys they aren’t dating, as opposed to going out with their girls every weekend.  However there are reasons why girls may feel more comfortable hanging out with guys instead. 17. When your first love is always on your mind, they’ll help you forget. 16. It’s okay to get a little lost sometimes, but its the friends who pick you back up.


17 Times You Wanted To Be Peyton Sawyer From One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill and it’s characters are still remembered and respected even though the series is ending.  From all the different relationships, to the stage of moving on from high school to college, every person can relate in some way.  One of the characters that is loved by all is Peyton Sawyer. 17.  She knows that every conversation could end with goodbye. 16. She knew from a young age that


20 Reasons College Could Be Told By Legally Blonde


Legally Blonde is known for the determination and sayings of Elle Woods.  However college kids could relate to this movie in a number of ways. 20. When you have a class that everyone talks about. 19. When you have big goals and dreams. 18. To get you through any tough time. 17. The best way to get any guys attention. 16.When you stand up for yourself to the “Mean Girls” of


10 Truths About Midterms


Every college student goes from being excited about the new semester, to dreading midterms because we all know that’s the halfway point to the end of the semester.  Also for some classes it may be the first indicator of anything we’ve done all semester that can give us a score of how well we understand the class. Here are 10 Things that everyone knows about Midterms. 10. Teachers warn us


10 Ways You Messed With My Head While We Were Dating and Afterwards

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 9.30.49 AM

Most people get unlucky and have that one relationship where one person falls faster than the other and vice versa.  There could also be times where the guy could get in the girls head of things that would “enhance their relationship,” “make you a better girl friend,” or “make him love you more.” Here are 10 ways guys can get in our heads. 10. Spoiled you to death with gifts.


10 Things Being in a Sorority has Taught Me

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.17.49 AM

At first when I was going off to college I was dead set against joining a sorority; because I didn’t want to be one of the “typical” sorority girls that society perceives them to be.  However, joining Theta Phi Alpha or any organization can teach valuable life lessons that you could carry with you after graduation.  After all being in a sorority isn’t just 4 years its 4 life!  


10 Reasons We can ALWAYS Count on Pizza

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.16.33 AM

Pizza is one of the foods that parents hate that we eat constantly, but love it because they can pick it up, have us eat it on paper plates and then have no clean up after.  Here are 10 Reasons we can always count on Pizza! 10. Its always available. 9. Life is better when you admit pizza is your favorite food. 8. You either order too much or not


Why Choosing Ramapo was of the Best Decisions I made


Ramapo College though it may not be everyones favorite place, all brought us memories we’ll love and hate for the rest of our lives. 10. Gave you the chance to live with roommates good and bad; and helps you know what kind of roommate you want in the future. 9. Gave you friends who enjoy food and movie nights. 8. Really gave you the sense that not everyone is the same. 7.