20 Reasons Why Cats are Better than Dogs


Growing up I never had any pets, but that all changed for me in high school because of my brother. Along with his college roommates, he decided to adopt two kittens, Max and Abby. Long story short my mom and I basically adopted Abby, and I haven’t looked back ever since. So yes, I am a cat lady, but I have my reasons… 20. Cats Don’t Bark They meow, which is


Why Your Breath Smells Awful in the Morning


Ever wonder why your breath stinks when you wake up? Morning breath,  or halitosis, is very common, but why does it happen? 10.The cause: bacteria. When you sleep, your mouth dries out. When your mouth dries out, odor-producing bacteria thrive. This is because your normal flow of saliva decreases. 9. Snoring Also, if you snore or breathe through your mouth at night, you’re more likely to have bad breath in the morning.


Why Choosing St. Joseph’s University Is the Greatest Decision You’ll Ever Make


Two years ago I made one of the most important decisions of my life. I decided to attend St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and I’ve loved every second of it. There are many reasons I love St. Joseph’s, but here are my top ten favorite reasons. 10. The School Spirit Although we do not have a football team our school spirit is unsurpassable. Our amazing basketball team always packs a


Thirst Project: A Non-Profit Aiming to End the Water Crisis


How many of us think about how much water we use everyday? We shower, brush our teeth, and cook meals with water everyday without thinking about it, but imagine living somewhere where you have to travel miles everyday just to get dirty and infectious drinking water. Founded in 2008, the Thirst Project is trying to end this silent crisis. Road Warrior, Dahe Jun, said, “The Thirst Project’s mission is simple:


“Reply All” Gone Wrong

reply all

It all started with two harmless emails from St. Joseph’s administration making announcements to the student body and ended with an email chain of over 200 emails sent to the entire student body. Students were “equally annoyed and laughing hysterically,” as one student replied to the student body email chain. The chain included everything from St. Joseph’s jokes, memes, to links to mixtapes. One student said, One student even advertised that she


The Week Before Spring Break as Told by SNL


The week before Spring Break, otherwise known as midterm week can be hell.  Between papers, tests, and other assignments this week is stressful. Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, known as Spring Break. 10. When all of your teachers assign a boat load of homework and assignments all due the week before break 9. Group projects… don’t even get me started 8. When you have


10 Problems All Past Dancers Have


Growing up with the pleasure of going to weekly dance classes is something I’m very thankful to my mother for. Sadly, however, I had to end my 15 years of dance when I moved away to college last year. I miss it everyday, but I don’t think I will ever fully end being a dancer. Here are 10 problems all past dancers have! 10. Your joints are always cracking …but you don’t hate


Why the Man Bun has Just Got to Go


Man buns- they were cool for about a semester, but I’m here to say “I’m just not that into you.” Okay, so I was never the biggest fan, but now they just need to go. Some men can rock them, but majority (read most) can not. Over the years, men have experimented with many questionable hair styles, from the mullet to the Justin Bieber side sweep, we’ve seen it all. As


Life of a Lululemon Addict


“When life gives you lemons, pray that they’re Lulu.” Yes, I do in fact have a sticker with that quote on my laptop. Lululemon has become a phenomenon over the past decade, and I see no end in sight. I have often been caught saying, “Once you go Lulu, you never go back,” because I love it so much.  It’s addicting and the best thing ever. 10. You have multiple drawers


I Met My Best Friend Through My Sorority


It’s Bid Day. My friend Aly and I are so excited that we finally made it through formal recruitment and ended up in the same awesome chapter. All the new members, ourselves included, are trying to get the perfect picture with our letters to show their Instagram friends their new found home. We decide to hop in with these other girls Carolyn and Grace for a picture…and from there it’s


Going Out as Told By the Real Housewives


After a long week of classes you are ready to let lose and have some fun with your friends. These nights can sure be memorable, or not. The Real Housewives understand us and our needs. They are basically like our drunk spirit animal. 11.  How you say you’re feeling… 10. What you’re actually thinking  9. You’re ready for a night on the town 8. At the pregame your friends are like 7. You’re


I Went on a Date with Myself: Why Doing Your Own Thing Isn’t Weird


The other week I was having dinner with my family and  we were discussing the movies that were in and my sister mentioned she loved going to the movies by herself. I chuckled at her and made fun, but then she explained that this allowed her to do what she liked regardless of wether or not her friends were free. So, I decided to try this last Saturday night during winter break. Boredom had