21 Memes Only PETTY Girls Will Understand


“Petty” isn’t a character trait, it’s a way of life. Sure, you could always choose to be the bigger person and let trivial matters go. You could choose to live and let live, or choose to stay in your lane and mind your own business … But where would be the fun in that? Here are 21 memes that only the pettiest of girls (or guys) will understand:    


The 18 Stages of Having An Annoying Uber Driver

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Some Uber drivers are the coolest, chillest people you will ever meet, but some Uber drivers are clearly the mayor of Creepsville. Some Uber drivers leave you wishing you had just stayed home and stared at the wall rather than get yourself into a situation where you needed to call some stranger to come drive you home. These are the 18 stages of having an annoying Uber driver:    


The 17 Stages Of Getting Your Body “Summer Ready”


Every girl in the world has gone through the last minute panic when she realizes that summer is a month or two away, and she’s no closer to looking like a Victoria Secret model than she was last year. How are you ever going to wrack up the Instagram likes if your body is more “Fat Amy” than it is “Kendall Jenner”? Here are the 17 stages every girl goes


10 Things Every UCF Freshman Should Know


So you got into UCF? Congrats! These will be some of the best years of your life. But before you jump right in, here are some things you definitely need to know:   10.) Parking is literally hell. UCF is one of the largest universities in the nation. We have about 60 thousand students currently enrolled. Unfortunately… the parking does not reflect that. If you’re a commuter, prepare to get


Winter Struggles Only Florida Girls Understand


When girls think of “winter”, certain images may come to mind: Snowflakes, fuzzy jackets, and chocolate. When girls from Florida hear the term “winter”, what comes to mind is … well, completely different. Here are 10 winter struggles only Floridian girls can ever truly understand:     10. ) You were totally excited for like, the one week of cold weather for the year, mostly because you’ve been dying to


College Life As Told by 90s Cartoons


If you’re currently in college, there’s a pretty good chance you grew up watching these cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s. You might be surprised at how much these cartoons, originally meant for children, are totally relatable now in your late teens and early twenties. Here is your life in college, as told by the cartoons from your childhood: You’re more broke than you ever thought possible, and even McDonald’s


7 Gifts To Get Your ZTA for Valentine’s Day


Any ZTA knows that love is “the greatest of all things”, and Valentine’s day is the best holiday to celebrate love. Whether she’s your significant other, your family member, or just a treasured friend, show your ZTA how much you love her with any of these seven gifts ideas!   7.) Tiffany’s Crown Charm and Chain – The super adorable necklace and charm will make your ZTA look and feel like royalty.


5 Reasons We Can’t Help But Love Professor Snape


Any fan of Harry Potter knows that Severus Snape was neither completely good, nor completely bad. He was shades of grey, both selfish and selfless, and that’s probably why fans all over the world adore him. Despite being a “villain” character and consistently antagonizing Harry Potter throughout the entire book/movie series, he remains one of the most popular and recognizable characters. Why? Here are 5 reasons Harry Potter fans just


UCF ZTA Spent Winter Break Bringing The Heat


For most people, “winter break” means cold fronts and hot cocoa. However, when you live where other people vacation, winter break comes with an entirely different set of rules. The sisters of UCF ZTA show us exactly how Florida does winter. Some sisters relaxed in their hometowns, soaking up the sun on the breezy Floridian beaches. Other sisters travelled to fascinating new parts of the globe. But whether they spent


The 10 Different Types of Cliques In Your Sorority


Even the best sisterhoods have a few cliques. It’s human nature to gravitate toward friends you have the most in common with, after all. Unsure of which cliques your sorority has? Here are a few of the most common cliques within a sorority:   10.) The Face Team – These are the girls all over your chapter’s Instagram, and they’re always in the very front of group pics. They always look


10 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has During Meal Plan


If your sorority house is fortunate enough to have a meal plan for you, you’ve definitely had at least one or two of these thoughts before. Nothing stands between a sorority girl and her food. 10.) Ugh! carbs? Right before Spring Break? (Or Summer break, or Formal, or Halloween, etc.)   9.) Ugh! No carbs? What am I, a rabbit?   8.)  I heard the sorority next door has LOBSTER


20 Struggles Only The Short Friend Understands


When all of your friends tower over you, life is far from easy. Even the smallest (no pun intended) issues can turn into huge struggles. Are you the shortest in your friend group? This is for you. Here are 20 struggles only the short friend understands: 20.) Your height is often the topic of your squad’s jokes. They know mentioning it will rile you up in an instant. 19.) Your