19 Stages of Missing your Pet while away at College


19. Why can’t you just come live in my dorm?? 18. I’ll just pack you in my suitcase and no one will ever know… 17. When the day comes you have to go back to campus 16. And you take one last look before shutting the door and your pet is looking at you like 15. When your roommates ask if you’re okay  


The Struggles of Being a Freshmen in College as told by Rory Gilmore


Being a freshmen in college is tough. Here you are right back at the bottom of the totem pole once again. You’ve got four more years (at least) to get through. It can be hard sometimes. No one knows that more than Rory Gilmore-one of the most relatable fictional characters ever. 13. When you don’t do mornings. 12. When you’re having a really bad day. 11. When your teacher calls


The Struggle of Still Being Underage in College


I’m 17. Seventeen. I’m 17 years old and I’m a freshmen in college. Also, I didn’t turn 17 until a month before I started college. How? Well my birthday is in July and I skipped 6th grade. So yeah, I’m a young one. Welcome to the life of the underage college student and my constant struggles. 11. I can’t go to concerts/comedy shows/clubs with my friends. 10. I have to


Stereotypes of Christian Universities


There are so many stereotypes people have created about what life at a typical Christian university is like. Due to hearing many of these things, honestly made me somewhat apprehensive about enrolling at a Christian school at first. However, after actually attending a Christian college for a little over a semester, I’ve come to realize that all of these stereotypes are not true. They are merely misconceptions. “Christian universities are


10 Reasons I’d Never Join Any Other Chapter Than Beta Omega


Zeta Tau Alpha: Beta Omega is my home away from home. I feel so blessed to have found such a welcoming and loving sisterhood. Here’s 10 reasons I’d never join any other chapter.. 10. My sisters are my support system. 9. I met my Big and joined the best family out there (the Butterfly fam, of course!).  8. I’ve learned the importance of philanthropy and ours means something to me


Why “guys and girls can’t just be friends” is the Ultimate Myth


You’ve heard it said it million times, “guys and girls cant JUST be friends.” Either feelings or attraction always get in the way. Sometimes one falls for the other and the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Sometimes one is just really attracted to the other physically. Sometimes one has a jealous significant other. And in most of these scenarios, the friendship is ruined or severely damaged. Further supporting the case that men


20 Reasons Why Brooke Davis is One of My Role Models


Brooke Davis is one of the most inspirational fictional characters to ever be created. She may not have gotten married and pregnant in high school, written a famous novel, or played on a pro basketball team, but she still manages to stand out above the rest of the “One Tree Hill” cast in her own way. She is strong, independent, and fierce while somehow at the same time being vulnerable,


18 Thoughts You Have After Binge-Watching Netflix All Day

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We’ve all done it. You have a million different things you absolutely MUST get done. But instead of dealing with all of your responsibilities, you push them off to the next day and turn on the TV to your Netflix. Life of a procrastinator. But sometimes when we have so many things going on and we’re super stressed out, we just need a break. A distraction. We need to just


How I Learned to Study for College the Hard Way


College is not high school. Not even remotely. Every single aspect of college is a total 180 from what you’re used to after attending 4 years of high school. The social life is different, the schedule, the living situation, the food, the responsibility, the expectations, the students, the teachers, and most importantly- the studying. If you go into your first semester of college expecting to study like you did for


How I Established a Routine For Being Healthy in College


Being healthy in college is hard. You constantly feel stressed or overwhelmed with all the work and studying, and taking care of your body seems to drop on your priority list. You feel like you just don’t have the time to make it to the gym or to go on that run. You find yourself ordering pizza or quickly scarfing down some junk food during your study break. There’s no


11 Things College Students Constantly Find Themselves Eating


Life of a college student can be pretty rocky sometimes. You often just don’t have disposable money to go out to eat every night without a care in the world. This is real life. We’re all adults now. We have to learn to manage our money and what we spend it on. And, unfortunately, quality food often doesn’t cut the list. Therefore, we’re forced to cram our bodies with whatever


22 Thoughts When Picking Out Underwear


Ladies, we all know that picking out underwear can be quite the task. Of course, who doesn’t love to go shopping for some cute new undies? However, sometimes finding the perfect pair can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Things can even get a little overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or you’re not sure what type you’re wanting. So here are