Is He The One?


In this world there are two types of girls in this world. The one that actually want to go to college to get a degree and one that goes to college to get her M.R.S. degree and getting an education on the side just happens to be a plus. Before I went to college I was told that college was the time where you practice dating and get good at


17 Things A Woman Should Do Before She’s 30


Everyone says that age is just a number and as a matter of fact it is. Yet sometimes that can suck. With that being said, your 20s are a great time for you to adventure out and get ish done. Yes you have 10 years to do stuff but before you know it those 10 years are gone and you have little to no stories to tell you little siblings


10 Moments You Feel Like Beyoncé


Every girl has gone through that moment where they feel like a queen, like Queen B to be more specific. Ever since Crazy In Love was released the rest of Beyoncé’s songs have become the soundtrack to every young woman’s life. Every song can be perfectly tailored to your life moments such as these. 10. After Getting Ready As women we like to make people think that we actually woke


The Spice Girls As Your Best Friends

Spice Girls

To me the Spice Girls are probably the most underrated girl group ever. They didn’t have a bunch of records put out or a clothing line started, yet they probably had the most variety in a group whether it was planned or not. With all this variety in a group makes it easy for someone to compare their own squad to this British pop one. Posh Spice Posh Spice was


Why Choosing TAMUC Is the Greatest Decision You’ll Ever Make

we are lions

TAMUC better known as Texas A&M University-Commerce to the outer public. yet to the students here in Commerce we like to refer to it as “The Dirty Merce”, “Merce Vegas”, and “No Mercy Texas”. Well if these cool nicknames aren’t enough to convience you that choosing TAMUC will be the greatest decision that you will probably ever make, I have a couple more things that you would like to know


College Girl Explains Crazy First F*ckboy Experience


It seems that over the last year or so fuckboys have became a trending topic in every girls life. I am here to share my first experience of actually dealing with a fuckboy. There have been times where I have been able to spot them soon enough before I fell for their sweet smooth words. Yet this one guy I knew for years and I became a victim of his


7 Thoughts You Have In Zumba Class


Zumba has to be one of the interactive fitness class that I have been a part of. I use to take it while I was at home at my local LA Fitness or during drill team practice when we were off for the week. I love dancing and being fit yet there are a couple thoughts going through my head that others share as well 7. I’m Proud When you


Dear Little: You’re MY Role model

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.12.38 AM

Dearest Little, My sweet sweet Lil Baby Em! What can I say to you right now? Well I can say that i love you more than words could probably describe. I know that I have to take a few calming deep breaths with you but most of the time I’m asking myself how did such an amazing being end up in my life?I know they say that the big sisters


10 Things A Woman Should Live By


No matter how stable a person is or how old they are, they need a road map of some sort. For women we sometimes need to be told things in order to believe it. We are complicated creatures and that is all I have to say on that matter. By being these complicated creatures we should always be knowledgeable about life. It’s how we have a leg up an the


10 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.39.40 PM

Life is one big game of chance. As a person you develop certain things that will hold you back a little bit. Being a girl, well some people think that is a set back that we are born with. You are given different paths to choose from and once you choose one you pray that you picked the right one. Yet in the end you end up to where you


A Southern Girls Go-To For Style


When being described Southern girls can be exaggerated a little bit especially when it comes to our style and how we dress. From gaudy and over powering costume jewelry to rhinestone covered t-shirts. While most of this has been known to  be true southern style has grown. 6. Accessories A big hit that I have seen in the South especially in Greek life is Kendra Scott and her line of


5 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

more alcohol

We have all had that experience where we have a blast one night, wake up the next morning feeling like a piece of poo because you drank too much, and swear you’ll never again. Hopefully this hasn’t happened to you too many times my friend. Drinking too much can be hell on your body. Unless six months of recuperation from a liver transplant sounds like the ultimate turn up then